Hey, I’m Sasenjka Meljnikov, a girl with a passion for illustrating and graphic designing of print publications, especially children’s books.

Based in Novi Sad, Serbia (Balkans, SE Europe, Earth, etc.), I graduated from the Fine Arts Academy, graphic and visual communication department, and I have nearly fifteen years of experience in my vocation.

sasenjka meljnikov

Being a freelancer from scratch, in 2007 I founded a marketing and consulting agency, called Ecodesign, through which I cooperate with clients in the country and abroad.

– OK, Sasenjka, but what exactly did you do? – I have worked on a numerous editions as an illustrator and designer, and I have gained great experience in illustrating and graphic designing of children’s books and various print publications. I did a complete preparation for a large number of editions which entailed design, illustrations, desktop publishing, and prepress. I specialized in caricature portraits, making my caricatures a unique segment of my work. Also, I am a member of Association of Applied Art Artists and Designers of Vojvodina (UPIDIV) and Union of Cartoonists of Serbia (FECO). – Oh, ok thanks!

Services I do

You can count on me when it comes to:
Visual & Corporate Identity
Graphic Design
Packaging Design
Print Campaign


Check out this list of cool clients I have worked for:
– Danube Books Verlag e. K., Ulm, Germany
– Stanova Stanztechnik GmbH, Berlin, Germany
– Retro House Pizza Bar & Grill Pty Ltd., Sydney, Australia
– Entypo, Zurich, Switzerland
– Steinbeis Europa Zentrum, Stuttgart, Germany
– Aschehoug&Co publishing company (1872), Oslo, Norway
– Enterprise Europe Network, Serbia
– University of Novi Sad, Serbia
– Children’s Hospital, Novi Sad, Serbia
– Klett publishing company, Belgrade, Serbia
– Annona Pro Ltd., Serbia
– Eco campingsite “Fruska gora”, Serbia
– Zavod za izdavanje knjiga i udzbenika (National Company for publishing books and textbooks), Novi Sad, Serbia
– JRJ publishing company, Zemun, Serbia
– Zmaj’s Children Games, Novi Sad, Serbia
– Bosanska rijec (The Word of Bosnia) publishing company, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina
– Draganic publishing company, Belgrade, Serbia
– Solaris publishing company, Novi Sad, Serbia
– Laguna publishing company, Belgrade, Serbia
– Narodna knjiga (National book) publishing company, Belgrade, Serbia
– Svet publishing company, Novi Sad, Serbia
– Dnevnik publishing company, Novi Sad, Serbia
– Caritas, Novi Sad, Serbia
– Backa Eparhija (The Eparchy of Backa), Novi Sad, Serbia
– Camping Association of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia
– Balkan Youth Union, Belgrade, Serbia
– Institute for health protection of children and youth of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia


Yeah, but did anyone actually see any of your work? – I have participated in collective exhibitions of illustrations and caricature portraits, both domestic and regional ones. I have also exhibited illustrations and caricature portraits individually. “ OK, I get it, you don’t have to brag about it.”

Individual exhibitions:

“Forma” gallery, Novi Sad, 2008
“Krug” gallery, Becej, 2007
“Forma” gallery, Novi Sad, 2005
“Narodna biblioteka”, Lazarevac, 2005
“Narodni muzej”, Kikinda, 2004
“Pedagoski muzej”, Belgrade, 2003
“KCK” gallery, Krusevac, 2002
“Forma” gallery, Novi Sad, 2002

Collective exhibitions:

“Forma” gallery, Novi Sad, 2008
“Muzej Revolucije”, Novi Sad, 2006
“Muzej 25. maj”, Belgrade, 2006
“Jugoslovenska Galerija Umetnckih Dela”, Belgrade, 2005
“Jugoslovenska Galerija Umetnickih Dela”, Belgrade, 2004
“Tableau” gallery, Novi Sad, 2004
“Tableau” gallery, Novi Sad, 2003
“Podrum” gallery, Novi Sad, 2003
“Forma” gallery, Novi Sad, 2003
“Jugoslovenska Galerija Umetnickih Dela”, Belgrade, 2003
“Podrum” gallery, Novi Sad, 2002